The problem with proprietary software

I am both a libertarian and a free software user. Some people think this is weird. I don't think so.

Free software is basically the rejection of the idea that one can sell software (or other products) licences and libertarians support laissez faire capitalism and understand that free market is the most efficient method of allocating resources and promoting well being among human beings. The alleged contradiction is that free software rejects market as the means to distribute softwares while libertarianism says free market is the best mean to allocate resources. If this was true, they'd be incompatible. I think they are not incompatible. Moreover, they are quite close to each other. Here is why.

First: free software is not the same as software without a price. I must admit the term "free software" is misleading. It would be better to talk about software freedom. As a matter Read more

Do you accept cookies?

There is something incredibly silly happening on the Internet out there. Apparently several countries (the European union?) are forcing sites to ask their users if they accept cookies. The result is that we are now forced to see yet another irrelevant message when accessing Europeans sites warning that if we keep seeing the site we would be agreeing with a clause we know nothing about regarding an uninteresting complex issue that we don't want to understand now. This create a habit of ignoring the stupidity we are forced to see, and to accept any stupid deal. The problem is that it opens the doors for the creation of new clauses in these tacit agreements that will benefit certainly those who write them. With the manifest intention of trying to protect us from cookies (come on!!) governments worldwide are making our lives a little worse. This seems to be the Read more

Books and their authors

Books are different than other art forms. The most surprising thing about them is that there are so many one man books out there. This may be due simply to the fact that it is way easier to write a book than to write a game. At least there are way less regulations. When I first wrote this tiny article I did not realize that the relatively free book market should naturally result in such a great number of books that the individual author would naturally outnumber larger teams.

For any job someone is willing to do, specially if it involves research and creativity, it would be quite better done if one would have help from others. The big problem of books is that they are written by individuals. Games and movies in general do not have this problem. Companies make games and movies. I know that individuals also make Read more

Print Money

The idea that printing money may not cause inflation is plain wrong simply because having more money in the market is what inflation means. Let's than change a little bit our debate: does increasing the proportion of money against goods and services increases prices? The answer is, again, plain obvious. One wishes to exchange money for goods. There are lots of money but few goods. Sanctity of the money supply "The price of gold did jump."