Here is the Drupal task of the day:

The client has a help desk system built on top of Drupal relying on the comment module to interact with his users. He wants a functionality to allow his team to create and manage default comments that can be used to avoid unnecessary typing. Also, the comment subject should be standardized: it may be the title of a referenced node or the title of the standard comment used, if none of these applies, it should be a standard text.

Here is how it was done:

The modules I installed to get this done were the following:

Besides, I used a custom module. It is handy to always have a custom module for each site, where you can write specific code. Here is the idea: We will use Entity Reference Autofill to fill the comment form with the data from the Default Comment. We will create a view to build the administrative interface, so that users can Create, Edit and Delete default comments. We will use Field Permissions to avoid non authorized using or creating Default Comments. Finally, we will use our custom module to implement the rules to set the comment subjects