After installing Drupal, let's go on to building our site.

It is usual for beginners to try to create a nice looking site. They want to define the menus, the banners, the background or even some animations. All these are really nice, but they are also somewhat hard to achieve and require different skills than those necessary to organize and maintain a website. Learning CSS, HTML and Javascript, learning how to insert custom blocks and to place an image somewhere, all this, though necessary and very useful, are not really necessarily the best way to build your Drupal website. Drupal has it's ways of creating banners, several animation effects and, of course, displaying images. There is no need to use custom snippets or tricks.

Let's try to understand first the structure of our site. This way we'll learn faster and create a robust website. After that we can use our time to think about the site appearance. There is an extra advantage in this approach: some of the elements people often think of as merely aesthetic are actually part of the website content. That is true for banners and backgrounds, for instance, that may better integrate with the site content if treated as a part of it, instead as if they were mere frames.

Let's go on: here are the proposed steps: