Linux and Open Source

I am a open source enthusiast. It may sound silly but if something is open source, I like it a little more. I have gained a lot by using open source tools: I've learned, I've become more productive and I've done things I'd never imagine if it weren't by such tools.




The right tool can make a huge difference: you'll work better and faster by learning a little bit more about the tools you use. I like to invest a little of my time to learn more about the tools that are important to me.

About me

I am a technology and open source enthusiast, a self taught programmer with a sociology academic background. Huge fan of python, shellscript, javascript, awk, LaTeX, CSS...

Developing websites is a huge part of my daily job, together with a variety of IT related tasks.

I hold a PhD in Sociology and I am currently pursuing a BSc in Computer Sciences.